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Created by photographer Gonzalo Lauda along with producer Pablol Montivero, Struka offers integral solutions that meet all requirements that a photographer, an agency or a company may have to carry out their work and ideas.


Inside and outside the studio, Struka provides their clients the appropriate equipment for each instance of the process, including all permits and leases, manages the logistics of travel and lodging, among many other details that complete an efficient, responsive and transparent service, that never loses sight of the stipulated costs.


In Struka, we believe that a good production represents experience, efficiency, transparency, speed, delivery and costs.


We work in photography, we know the job.


Our know-how always plays in favor of the client.



Art Direction

Production Management

Art Buying

Location Scouting

Permits and lesses

Design and set building

FX/ Casting

Hair and Make-Up

Costume Design

Studio Rental and Equipment


Travel and lodging

Digital retouch and 3D

Cost Stipulation